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Amy is the author of Amazon #1 Best Seller “From Zero to Sales Hero” and “From Zero to Speaker Hero”

My mission is to inspire people to achieve Peak Performance results in life, business, relationships, personal happiness, and in the areas of life that matter most to you.

Amy has given keynote speeches and conducted training and consulting services to her clients: Zebra Technologies, Becton Dickinson, Massage Envy, Mastech Digital, Qualcomm Life, Capsule Technologies, The United States SBA (Small Business Administration, Chicago), Aurora University, New Peaks, Alverno College, and the WBDC (Womens Business Development Center).

Amy has also served as the Global Director of Sales Training and Performance for Qualcomm Life, ICU Medical, and Becton Dickinson.

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The Power of Silence: A Golden Ingredient to Sales and Success

February 13, 20243 min read

Have you ever received an email, text message, or other communication that triggered you to want to respond quickly? I remember being in sales and getting a 'sorry, we are going with your competitor,' or 'we are not interested,' or maybe it was a 'misunderstanding' that resulted in a salty (not nice) email from a prospect? I have found that silence is the best solution vs. a quick reply. One of my personal rules is to pick up the phone vs. texting or emailing back. In 'heated' exchanges, I give it 24 hours before I respond.

In today's fast-paced world, where communication is often associated with constant chatter, social media, and the ability to respond on the fly and send and quick messages, the value of silence is frequently overlooked. However, in sales, business development, and life, silence can be a powerful tool that often speaks louder than words. Silence can also be a great tool during negotiations or tense meetings. I once heard 'whomever speaks last loses,' meaning that sometimes 'saying too much,' is not always the answer or winning strategy.

One of the most significant areas where the importance of silence shines is in communication. Studies show that an average person spends about 70-80% of their daily hours in some form of communication, and yet, we often struggle with truly listening. In sales, for instance, the ability to understand a customer's needs is paramount. By embracing silence, sales professionals can create space for clients to express their thoughts and concerns, gaining valuable insights that lead to more effective solutions. I have found that by listening to a customer or prospect, they will often sell themself on why your solution makes sense to them.

In the business world, silence can be a catalyst for innovation and development. I call this 'quiet time,' when I think of solutions to challenges. Turn off the music or talk radio and try it between you next meetings. Allowing moments of quiet reflection fosters creativity and problem-solving. Teams that cultivate an environment where silence is respected often find themselves generating more innovative ideas, as individuals have the mental space to think deeply and contribute thoughtfully.

In personal development and life, the importance of silence extends to relationships and personal growth. Effective communication is a two-way street, and by listening more than speaking, we build stronger connections. In conflicts, a pause can be the bridge to understanding, allowing emotions to settle and rationality to win.

To master the power of silence, here are some practical tips:

Active Listening: Engage in active listening by fully focusing on the person speaking without formulating your response in your mind. Keep an open mind.

Pause Before Responding: Instead of jumping in immediately, take a moment to absorb what was said before crafting your reply. Think before you speak.

Empathetic Silence: In sensitive situations, silence can convey empathy and understanding better than words.

Ask Open-ended Questions: Encourage others to share their thoughts by asking questions that require more than a simple yes or no answer. This is critical in sales and business development.

Mindful Communication: Be conscious of your speaking time and strive for a balanced conversation. No one likes to be with someone who dominates the discussion!

While the volume of words may seem to dominate our communication, the power of silence should not be underestimated. Schedule 'focus time' during the day when you focus in silence on finishing a task or project. It is in these moments of quiet contemplation and active listening that true understanding and meaningful connections are made, moving us forward in sales, business development, and life.

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My ⭐️ Northstar: My keywords are 'sales,' 'speaking,' and 'confidence.' I create breakthroughs in sales and confidence for high performing leaders and teams to manifest and monetize their magic. Sales and success is 90% mindset, and 10% tactics. The best investment you will ever make is in...YOURSELF. This is my commitment to you, my clients, and all who attend my events!


Amy Lemire CSP

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I am just so thankful for your leadership, friendship and support. You are an insperation! Thank you for helping me see my potential and believing in me, I love the course and I love you!

Nicole.H, Atlanta, Georgia

Amy sparkles. She takes her passion for sales, speaking and personal development and pours them into all she does. I've been a fellow board member with her for the Illinois Chapter of the National Speakers Association. Whenever something needs doing, no matter how busy she is, Amy steps up with enthusiasm.

Lynne.F, St Louis, Missouri

It was a pleasure to meet Amy at a recent speaking event and listen to her message. It was delivered with precision and clarity, with relevance and aplomb. She made a positive impact on her audience. I appreciated her warm welcome, as well, and look forward to future opportunities to hear her speak.

Naomi.B, St Louis, Missouri

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Only 1 habit can subdue another habit. What if you enhanced your strengths in 6 habits - and lived as the best version of yourself?

My commitment is to support you to be the BEST version of
YOU - in the areas of life that matter most to YOU!


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