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The Best Version of You Success Habits Virtual Program

Unlock a transformative journey with our virtual HabitFinder program. Imagine elevating your potential, breaking free from self-limiting beliefs, and stepping into your most confident self. Experience the power of becoming the best version of you, and watch as remarkable results follow.

The Best Version of You Sales and Success Breakthrough Weekend Program

Imagine the best version of yourself. Would it be having more confidence, getting amazing results, feeling inner peace, enjoying life's journey, having a balanced life, having important relationships, being a sales pro, or being successful in your career? Whatever it is, success comes from our habits and the choices we make. Book a free Consulting session.

The Best Version of You Success Habits Inner Circle Program

Are you ready to accelerate your habits to alight to the best version of yourself? The Inner Circle is an invitation-only journey to self-discovery, mastery, and self-expression along with other high performing thought leaders who are stepping up to manifest, monetize, and maximize momentum to uplift humanity.

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What Is Sales Coaching?

Who is Coaching For?

“Sales is full of rejection” or “I am not good at sales” are both common myths about the sales profession - that are just that - untrue myths. What if being a Sales Hero was just a matter of following some basic, proven, and easy to follow steps?

The best day to start was yesterday, don't pause your life goals... Request a FREE Consultation and discover what you can achieve.

Connections for business growth

Greater Awareness & Confidence

Focus and Success in Business

Work with Sales professionals and businesses

Become a Sales Hero - Discover the Secret to Success


I have improved my sales confidence and sales results from working with you! I wanted to move out of inside sales – into direct sales. I recently advanced from a pharmaceutical supplier sales position into a fortune 500 medical device corporate sales role! Thank you for your support in helping me get there!"

Julie D, Chicago, Illinois

I was stuck in a place in my life where Amy was able to identify and target exactly where my pain sources were and offered solutions for me to bring the
joy back into my life and helped me to bring the best version of myself to the world.

This program has been a life/game changer that has saved my life …

I highly recommend this program - it has such a positive impact on the quality of your life.

Elizabeth R, St Louis, Missouri

It was a pleasure to meet Amy at a recent speaking event and listen to her message. It was delivered with precision and clarity, with relevance and aplomb. She made a positive impact on her audience. I appreciated her warm welcome, as well, and look forward to future opportunities to hear her speak.

Naomi B, St Louis, Missouri

Online Coaching Resources

Zero to Sales Hero Book

This book will take you on a journey of success and help you drive outstanding results - that you can repeat for every sales opportunity to guarantee successful results.

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Success Habits Breakthrough Weekend Retreat

When was the last time you took some "me time" to recharge & reset your focus on YOU? The pandemic has made burnout, the great resignation, and a lack of momentum all too familiar. This is the opportunity to break the pattern and welcome the BEST version of you!

Attend the next retreat and get the breakthrough you deserve in your life. Places are always in demand so check this out early to avoid dissapointment.

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Only 1 habit can subdue another habit. What if you enhanced your strengths in 6 habits - and lived as the best version of yourself?

My commitment is to support you to be the BEST version of

YOU - in the areas of life that matter most to YOU!


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